Spoiled Milk

Hear this poem spoken over music at VerseWrights.com

I was a child seduced.



suckled at the small-screen nipple,

miseducated, inundated

by glowing images.

I had Good Times

with the Jeffersons,

poked fun at Aunt Esther

with Sanford and Son

like we were

All in the Family.

I learned the Facts of Life

from Arnold and Willis—

went through my own

Growing Pains

with dysfunctional

Family Ties.

I took

One Day at a Time,

all the while hot

for Designing Women.

I was mentally

masturbated, desecrated

by what Neilson rated,

was a channel surfer long

before my family could afford

a remote surfboard.

Subliminal advertising

commercial misrepresentations—


I grew up thinking

Life is like TV.

It took me 29 years to see

television is not


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